Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Rick had never heard of locked in syndrome when Michelle was diagnosed with it but afterwards he watched the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly based on the autobiography of French journalist Jean Dominique Bauby, who dictated it to a nurse by blinking an eye after he was diagnosed with the condition.

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

'Locked in syndrome' sometimes described as 'like being buried alive' is a type of brain damage usually caused by a stroke, a bleed or a tumour.

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

"It has been so tough for Michelle because she was really feisty, very loud and always doing things, but I am so proud of her. We've always been really Nike Sb Navy

She was so determined to communicate with her partner Rick and children, three year old Ryan and one year old Holly, she has learned to use her eyes looking up for yes' and closing an eyelid for 'no.'

with both hands supporting her neck to tell Rick.

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He said: "I used to say it was her way or no way. But since the stroke she has had to be more determined than ever, Michelle has been unbelievable, she has had Nike Sb All Court Yellow

A few days later, medics called Rick to a meeting where they broke the news that Michelle was suffering from locked in syndrome.

"I bring the children in almost every day and we used to put Holly on Michelle's lap so she could give her her bottle, Ryan fell asleep on her last night, which was lovely for them both. Ryan is always saying he misses his mum and he wants his mum to come home."

Michelle was bathing Holly when she felt a terrible pain in her head, she ran downstairs Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Mid Sneakers

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Rick and Michelle say hospital staff have looked after them incredibly well but they are keen to move on as soon as Stockport Homes find them somewhere to live.

Rick said: "We need a bungalow in Offerton where Ryan has already started school and close to both of our parents who have given us incredible support. It has to be right for Michelle she deserves the best after what she has been through and she may be spending 90 per cent of her life at home."

After months of effort she is able to move her eyes to spell out whole words using an alphabet system developed by medics. about her first 'terrifying' days in intensive care when she could hear her family and medical staff speaking to her but she could not find a way to answer.

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Now she is learning to use a special Nike Stefan Janoski Gray switch with her head to type what she wants to say into a laptop which can then speak for her.

The couple met in a club where Michelle worked when she was 20.

close but we've come through this together and we just want to get a home now, where we can get on with our life as a family.

to work so hard to get this far. I could not have done it, I don't think anyone else could have done.

Seconds later she began to fit. He tried to calm her down and rang for an ambulance. She was rushed to Stepping Hill hospital, in Stockport, where doctors noticed her arms were turned inwards a sign of brain damage.

And now there is one thing Michelle wants: "To go home, to be with my kids." Rick, 24, a mechanic, has given up his job to look after the children and Michelle and is now desperate to find a family home which is suitable for her wheelchair.

Doctors transferred her to the intensive care ward and sedated her. Rick recorded messages from the children and played them over and over again to Michelle. He also took in her MP3 player to let her listen to her favourite dance tunes and Motown classics.

fight this for my kids

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

He said: "It was a really sad film and I found it hard to watch but it was really useful because I learnt how frustrated he was when people did things without asking him, like turning off a football match he had watched all the way through a few minutes before it ended.

Since then Michelle has fought to learn how to move her eyes and more recently her head.

Nike Stefan Janoski Gray

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