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I am fully aware that there is little chance they will approve my variance request. I still find it offensive and very frustrating that the city refuses to use any personal judgement whatsoever in the approval process. I have letters from all the surrounding neighbors indicating they have no issue with my fence. The ones I spoke to in person think it is an improvement to the home and to the neighborhood. The fact that some bureaucrat determined that six feet should be the standard fence height makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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Brazilian Tiger Wood. It a beautiful fence. There was one 40 ft. section that I built to 8 ft. tall because the rental house next door looks directly only my only outdoor patio space.

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

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Fence Variance Issue

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

had to get a permit after the fact. I also have to have hearing at the City of Centennial for the 8 ft. high section. The planning committee recommended that my variance request be denied. They basically said I failed to prove a special circumstance that required the 8 ft. height. I did specify that it was a rental house next door, which could produce numerous tenants and that it was a privacy concern to me. I also noted that the renters had junk piled up in their windows which was plainly visible from my outdoor space without the fence.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I might say if I file an amended variance request that would persuade the city to make an exception and allow my fence to remain as it is? Thanks!!

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How would it help to take down the fence and apply for the variance later? They have not indicated that the fact that I have already built the fence has any bearing on whether or not they approve the variance request. As a side note, because the fence is horizontal, I could remove the top three or four boards in that one section very easily. But, anything I replace it with to create privacy is not going to look nearly as good as what is already there.

As you can probably tell, this is very frustrating for me. I still hoping someone has dealt with this before and found a way to buck the system and make common sense prevail.

The fence was very expensive and the wood is beautiful. There is nothing else I could Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper' possibly put up in its place to create privacy that would be as aesthetically pleasing or that would compliment the mid century style of the home as well.

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

like all this sort of stuff. We would definitely have taller fences if we could. I don think I would ever live in an HOA because they impose much, much more stringent regulations than this and they diligently enforce them. An HOA might well tear your fence down, send you the bill, lien your property and the foreclose if you didn pay. If you really want to change this sort of thing, speak to your city councilman (or whatever it is.)

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Cities impose all sorts of limits like this. Wheat Ridge has the same 6 limit. They also have a 35 height limit on most buildings, too. And numerous other restrictions. Ever been to Paris? Wonder why all the buildings in the downtown part of the city are the same height? This sort of limit. No matter how beautiful the building you want to build is, it cannot exceed that limit. Every been to Sante Fe? Wonder why many of the buildings are that adobe/stucco "Sante Fe" style? City restrictions. Some areas even specify the type of fence material and how it can be installed. The fact you think its beautiful just doesn matter. It violates the regulations. I not saying I Nike Sb For Sale

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

Can you reasonably drop the height down to whatever their limit is (6 I guess)? If so, I plan on doing it. I bet that "I don like looking at the neighbors" is going to hold much weight. Given a choice I make mine higher than 6 too, but that just not going to fly. Their argument against you is that if they approve your variance for your reason, they will have to apply that to everyone. Bad neighbors and the desire for more privacy is an argument anyone could make. Sorry.

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The fence was constructed without a permit. The section that was placed in front of the existing chain link fence did require a permit because it was not replacing a structure of the same height and material. Someone reported it and I Nike Janoski Max Fashion

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

In contrast to my fence, I could take many, many photographs of rotten falling down fences, broken lattice, and ugly chain link fences in my neighborhood. But, I would not want to get anyone else in trouble over this issue. To deny a new, well constructed and beautiful wood fence when the vast majority of fences in this neighborhood are dilapidated, again, makes no sense.

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If you determined to fight, find other examples of taller fences. Showing ugly, but compliant, fences won help your case. Showing other violations might.

I appreciate the input here. It really helpful. The report I was referring to was "Planning and Zoning Commission Staff Report and Recommendation." The staff report recommends the commission deny my request for the variance.

I bought a mid century house in Centennial in January. It had a chain link fence running between my house and the house next door. It also had a wood privacy fence in the front and a wood gate. I replaced the wood fence in the front and installed a new wood fence down the west side of the property. It is a modern horizontal fence made of Nike Janoski Original

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max Premium 'tripper'

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