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than 20 per cent of Canadians appear financially prepared to deal with an emergency, according to a poll done for the Bank of Montreal.

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ideal emergency savings fund should be equal to three to six months of your income. online survey of 1,000 Canadians by Pollara was conducted between July 26 30.

emergencies, such as a broken furnace or major car repairs, can crop up at any time and, without some form of financial cushion, can potentially cause households to take on more debt than is necessary, said BMO vice president Janet Peddigrew.

No doubt that income versus expenses can be tricky. May suggest is looking at NEEDS versus WANTS. I find it quite surprising how much I have been able to trim off my bottom line. The past 4 years have been difficult and have been introduced to some tools available out there, but mostly due diligence has been the major key. Looking at all aspects from day to day (that Tim coffee) to long term savings, it all has its place. Watching and paying attention Nike Stefan Janoski Max L

In its annual Rainy Day survey, 17 per cent of respondents said they have less than $1,000 in savings to draw upon in the event of an emergency.

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I think that many Canadians just do not have enough income coming in, even with both partners working, to be able to put aside Nike Sb Red White

The poll also found that those over the age of 65 are most likely to feel prepared while those between the ages of 35 44 are the least likely.

Another 20 per cent have up to $5,000, 14 per cent have up to $9,999 set aside and 18 per cent said they have set aside $50,000 or more for an emergency.

as the cash or debit card finds its way to paying for a want or a need. I know how tough it can be, and still, as Canadians, we can make it work!

TORONTO Fewer Nike Sb Stefan Janoski Max L

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any substantial amounts for emergency purposes. It seems that much of our society is predicated upon a suburban mentality with people having to drive or take public transit to work every day. In addition many of us have young families to raise which takes money; whether we rent or own our homes, there is likely rent or a mortgage to pay, plus repairs to be made, and so it goes on. Those over 65 as the article says are likely in a better position because much of these things just mentioned don apply people have seen this, done that. It would be nice if there Nike Sb Janoski Grey was a monetary pool to which people could contribute so that those who experience emergency situations could draw upon it there is something out there already don know. Another idea from Biblical times is a year of Jubilee when all debts public and private would be forgiven that there be no poor among us a return period of say 10 years or so. In today business world, there would be ramifications to this idea that would be quite difficult to sort out. By and large much of Canada is a nation of debtors which means some one has to make loans year of Jubilee would make them unhappy. In the end we do what we can.

Half of the respondents said they have the equivalent of three months of expenses set aside while 43 per cent have less than three months.

About one quarter, or 23 per cent, said they are living paycheque to paycheque.

Two thirds have had to dip into their rainy day fund in the past, with car repairs, job loss and home repairs being the most common reasons.

Few Canadians have enough emergency funds set aside

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